The CAM Group is the umbrella company for many different services. We have different branches that can really help your company.


1. RECRUITMENT: We offer recruitment to the print and design sector from designers to sales execs.


2. BUSINESS SERVICES: Selling a wide range of print equipment and office machines (photocopiers, computers, print supplies etc) for the small to medium size company and start-up sector.


3. BUSINESS ADVICE: We will happily look at your business from an outsiders point of view. We can look at your marketing and advertising stratergy, with 20 years experience in the design and print industry we can make your business stand out by offering clear and sound advice!


4. INVESTMENTS: Have you got a business idea? scared of making the next step? if you have a dream, we can help you make it reality! you've seen Dragons Den, well we have no Dragons here, just people that want to listen and see if you have what it takes to secure investment and advice! make sure you get in touch if you want honest and true advice about your next business adventure... If you already have a business but are looking for investment and need help going to the next stage, please get in contact, we will happily listen to your business ideas going forward and see if we can help.

Craig Murchison 


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